Ridgistorm-XL Jointing Options

Ridgistorm-XL can be designed and manufactured to suit any jointing requirement on-site. Ring seals, electro-fusion welding, extrusion welding, flange connections and mechanical pipe couplings can all be achieved with the Ridgistorm-XL system, depending on the installation and application requirements of the project.

Ring Seal

This is the simplest jointing method which does not require welding. This connection uses the integral socket and spigot jointing with two rubber seals which are installed into the spigot end of the pipe or fitting. This allows pipes to be separated in the future if necessary. This method meets the requirements of BS EN 1277 and is BBA HAPAS approved. Nitrile seals are also available and are typically used where the soil contains certain chemicals. Available for 750 – 1800mm diameter pipes.

Electro-fusion Welding

We offer the only large diameter thermoplastic pipe solution with integral electro-fusion jointing. The whole pipe system effectively becomes a homogeneous unit. Electro-fusion wire is connected to the socket end of the pipe during manufacture. Available for 750 - 3000mm diameter pipes.

Extrusion Welding

Pipes are jointed with an extrusion welding device. This jointing method can be carried out inside and/or outside the pipe. It is most suitable for low-pressure gravity pipes and manholes.

Flange Connection

The ends of pipes and fittings are manufactured with circular flanges, jointed with the help of steel backing rings and a rubber gasket. This is a special connection, please contact our Technical Team for further details on +44 (0) 1509 615100.

Mechanical Pipe Coupling

Mechanical pipe couplings allow pipes to be joined without the need for flanging, grooving, threading or welding. This is a specialist jointing method, please contact our Technical Team for further details on +44 (0) 1509 615100.