Ridgistorm-XL Applications

Ridgistorm-XL is a versatile solution proven for applications ranging from pipelines for surface water drainage and foul sewer schemes, to attenuation structures, large diameter manholes and pre-fabricated component chambers.

Waste Water and Sewerage

Ridgistorm-XL offers the perfect solution for sewerage and waste water systems. The pipes are lighter in weight than concrete equivalents with excellent chemical resistance. This also helps to reduce on-site Health and Safety risks, while the pipes are strong and durable enough to withstand ground movement and differential settlement.


All of our solutions are fully compliant with Sewers for Adoption 7, CESWI, and accepted for use by all UK Water Companies for both Capital Works projects and installations under Section 104, Section 106 and Section 38 agreements. Low Flow Channels can be incorporated within the Ridgistorm-XL pipes for improved performance. Lifting points, safety chains, Guardrail Assembly and specialist ironmongery have been developed in response to pipeline designers and contractors seeking innovation in safer, faster and more cost-effective installations.

Applications include:


  • Sewer pipework
  • Low flow systems
  • Pumping stations
  • Valve chambers
  • Flow meter chambers
  • Inter process pipework
  • CSO storage

Flood Alleviation

Developers are facing the challenges of having to store increasing volumes of flood water as they look to satisfy the requirements of local authorities and Government agencies in order to obtain planning permission. Increasingly, engineered solutions are being required to satisfy these requirements. Ridgistorm-XL single pipe runs or multi-leg tanks offer flexibility in design and can form part of an engineered solution, being located under highways or POS (public open space) areas.

Applications include:


  • On-line attenuation
  • Off-line attenuation
  • Infiltration tanks
  • Multi-leg storage
  • Low flow systems
  • Stormwater run-off
  • Culverts

Component Chambers & Manholes

Ridgistorm-XL is the ideal solution for pre-fabricated manholes or component chambers. It offers modular, ready-to-install man-access solutions that integrate at any point in a drainage network system to control flow and facilitate inspection and maintenance.

Applications include:


  • Inlet chambers
  • Oversized manholes
  • Offset manholes
  • Pumping stations
  • Overflow storage tanks
  • Weir walls
  • Catchpits
  • Control chambers:
  • Flow controllers
  • Non-return valves
  • Penstocks
  • Flap valves
  • Gate valves

Infrastructure: Highways and Rail

Ridgistorm-XL has gone through extensive product evaluation to be compliant with MCHW, Volume 1, Series 500 (Specification for Highway Works Series 500) (750-900mm) with AIP acceptance to Specification for Highway Works Series 2500 through BD2/05 Standard for Highway Schemes (1050-3000mm). Additionally, the pipes are light in weight and have seal jointing for quicker, easier and safer installation – key considerations for infrastructure projects.

Applications include:


  • Surface water pipelines
  • Manholes
  • Component chambers
  • Catchpits
  • UTX Chambers
  • Low flow systems
  • Culverts

Renewable Energy

Ridgistorm-XL can be used in a variety of ways to help aid sustainable renewable energy. The system's strength, durability and versatility allows large tank structures to be created for both above and below ground applications.

Applications include:


  • Domestic rainwater harvesting
  • Commercial rainwater harvesting
  • Water to air cooling storage
  • Anaerobic digestion vessels
  • Biomass plants


Ridgistorm-XL pipes are increasingly being used as a displacement ventilation system conduit. Using the pipe as either an underground or above ground ventilation system the Biomaster anti-microbial inner lining and electro-fusion welding affords excellent air quality.


An earthtube system allows air temperature to be preconditioned before entering the building, with the air drawn into the system via air inlets. This passive technology enables the transfer of ground source energy to heat or cool ventilation air, whilst reducing energy requirements and carbon footprints.

Applications include:


  • Earth tubes
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Inter process pipework
  • Valve chambers
  • Baffle housings
  • Service access chambers
  • Flange Connectors
  • Landfill ventilation plenums
  • Condensate chambers