Ridgistorm-XL Pipe Profile Designs

Pipe profile designs can be adapted to maximise strength and minimise the use of material within the pipeline. This improves pipeline performance and provides a fully engineered solution. Our range of profiles are integral to the strength and performance of the pipeline. Options include:

VW profile

Profile type VW enables the production of a solid pipe with a smooth inner and outer surface. These pipes can be produced with a wall thickness of 5mm to 80mm. This profile is often used in pressure pipelines and certain chamber applications.

PR profile

Pipes produced with a PR profile achieve high stiffness with relatively low weight. This is a common pipe profile for use in surface, foul and combined sewer drainage.

Olympia profile

In addition to the PR profile, the Olympia profile option can achieve greater pipeline stiffness with a comparatively low weight. This profile is often used in the larger diameters of Ridgistorm-XL.

SQ profile

This profile option has a smooth inner and outer surface, including internal profile to one layer. High stiffness is achieved through the SQ profile, making it ideal for extremely high loads or larger diameters.

SQ2 profile

SQ2 offers the same benefits as the single-layer SQ profile, yet it can be produced with additional profile layers for added ring stiffness.

CPR profile

The majority of our pre-fabricated components have a CPR profile achieving high stiffness with relatively low weight.